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Our History


Harmony United Methodist Church enjoys a rich history with Methodists meeting near the site of the present church since 1791. The church was officially organized in 1795. In the beginning, the original sanctuary was shared with three other denominations: Episcopalians, Presbyterians and Quakers. It was the sharing of facilities that gave the church its name. In fact, the unity, amity and loyalty shared by early congregations as they worshiped here, led to the name "Harmony" being applied to them as well.


Over the past 200+ years, three sanctuaries have stood on the site officially deeded to the group known as "Harmony" by John and Letticia Robinson in 1818. It is believed that as the other denominations grew, they moved on to establish their own separate sanctuaries. Today, Harmony Church keeps the faith in the Methodist tradition, with our current church facility being erected in 1871 and last renovated in 1970 including a new organ, piano and altar furniture. An emergency exit doorway was also installed.

With the many changes Harmony Church has experienced over the years, one thing has remained steadfast - our devotion to God and the teachings of his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.


After 111 years of being on a circuit with St. Paul's Church, Geigertown, Harmony and St. Paul's Churches voted in 1981 to dissolve the circuit and become two independent charges, each supporting their own pastor. As a result, Harmony Church purchased a parsonage for her pastor on June 5, 1981.

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